Class Photographer

Why is a class photographer needed?
A:  To take and collect pictures for the Brywood Yearbook.

What’s expected of the class photographer?
A:  Take and collect pictures from other parents and teacher and select the best ones for the yearbook.


Step 1 Fill out Volunteer Application

  • Fill out online volunteer application:   Go to Aeries Portal also known as and look under documents for Parent Volunteer Information.

  • Each time you visit the school check in at the office and get a volunteer badge / sticker to wear

  • Check with your teacher to see if it is OK for you to come and take pictures on a certain day.  They may be busy and that it OK , you don’t have to take pictures of every event.

Step 2: Take pictures or ask other classroom volunteers if they are able to take pictures on these certain days:

  • Spirit Days – when kids dress up for different theme to show school spirit.

  • Class parties & Field Trips

  • Jog-a-thon

  • School events such as Red Ribbon Week, Veterans’ Day, Brywood Dad Events

  • 3 or more kids in a picture is preferred, more is always better!

  • Class pictures including most of the kids are especially needed the yearbook would like at least 2 good class pictures, more is always better!

Step 3: Select pictures for the yearbook class page

  • In focus

  • Be able to see a majority of the kids faces in the pictures

  • Ask the teacher and other parents for pictures

  • <IMPORTANT>  Ask the teacher to see if any of the kids has an IUSD Image Opt Out.  If so, make sure to take some pictures without the Image Opt Out kid(s).

Step 4: Yearbook Submission:

  • Include  2 or 3 pictures of the whole class

  • The rest can be groups of kids.  Groups of 4 or more kids would be best.

  • Try to have every kid in at least 2 or 3 pictures

  • Submit 15-20 pictures for your class page , 8 to 15 will be used for the class page

  • Please also send all extra pictures of spirit days, school events, and jogathon, to be used on those event pages of the yearbook

  • If you want to design your own layout, please send your layout and separately send your full size picture files.

  • Submit your pictures on a USB drive (USB drive will be returned) to the front office or email full resolution pictures (or via photo sharing websites) to

  • DUE DATE  Friday 3/15/19

Any questions?