Brywood Blazing Blue Jays Running Club

Brywood is continuing a running club in conjunction with the Kids Run the OC (KROC) program!  This program is designed to help kids improve physical fitness and promote an active/healthy lifestyle through running and fun activities with their peers.

Over a period of 10 weeks, each student will accumulate 25.2 miles of running and will finish their FINAL mile at the Kids Run the OC Event on May 5, 2018 for a total of 26.2 miles – a full marathon!


During the program all BBJ are required to run/jog/walk at least 2 times per week (1 mile each time).  One mile will be run during a weekly group practice session right after school (Friday afternoons at 2:30pm, starting on 1/26/18, except for morning run on 3/22/18 & 3/29/18 at 7:30am) and the other mile will be weekly homework to be done on their own.  This is a great family activity and a wonderful way to show your child your support of their goals and your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to run/jog/walking, each child will be given a different nutritional challenge each week (examples include replace juice/soda with water or try a new fruit or vegetable).  The goal is to not only promote an active lifestyle, but also an overall healthy one with an improved diet.

At the end of the training period, BBJs will have logged 25.2 miles.  They will complete their final mile of the marathon at the Kids Run the OC Event at the OC Fairground to be held on Saturday May 5, 2018.

Note for parents of student in grades K-2 or SAI classes:  Students in grades K-2 or SAI classes can participate, however one parent/adult MUST be at EVERY practice with their child, no exceptions.  This is to ensure that your child is able to participate to the fullest as our younger students may need help when warming up, playing games, running one mile, and cooling down.


There are 3 parts to the registration:

1.  Registration for Brywood Blazing Blue Jays Team:

  • Registration opens on Saturday, 12/16/17, at 8am.

  • Sign up at using the Registration Form.

  • You will be notified once your registration has been accepted.  It’s on a first-come bases with the consideration of grade level and whether if a parent will be volunteering as a coach.

  • Registration for the Blazing Blue Jays will be closed once we received enough number of children we can handle with the number of coaches we have.  Important!  Even though you register online, your placement on the team is NOT guaranteed until you receive email notification the week of 12/18/17 that your registration has been accepted.  We are limited by the number of available coaches and registration will be taken on a first-come basis through the online registration system only, no exceptions.  If you do not receive en email stating your registration was accepted, you will be placed on the waitlist in the order that your registration was submitted online.

2. Once your registration is accepted, please bring the following by 1/10/18 to the front office (or your spot will be given away to the next person on the list)

3.  Registration for Kids Run the OC (KROC) 1-mile run.

  • You must sign up ONLINE at no later than March 1, 2018. Select “Brywood Elementary” (School #199) as your school.  KROC Registration is now open.  We are unable to accept any cash or checks for the race registration.

  • Registration is $29 per participant and is separate from the Blazing Blue Jays registration fee.

  • Submit signed OC Marathon Waiver and hard-copy registration forms together no later than Friday March 2, 2017.

  • Upon completion of their 26.2 miles at the event, each participant will receive: a Kids Run the OC Marathon Finishers Medal, Event Tshirt, and Timed mile.

Due to liability and insurance issues, parents may not to run in the event.

*You are welcome to join the Blazing Blue Jays running club even if you cannot attend the final Kids Run the OC race.  Please note, however, that if you do not register for the Kids Run the OC race, you will NOT receive a Kids Run the OC medal, timed mile, or Kids Run the OC event tshirt.  If you do register for the race but cannot make race day but can complete the final mile on your own, you will receive the Kids Run the OC medal.

*Please note that in the event that we do not have enough adult volunteers to accommodate everyone who would like to join, priority will be given to children of program volunteers followed by students registered for BOTH the running club and the 1 mile race.


The Blazing Blue Jays need parent volunteers!

Due to the adult volunteer requirement, openings for the Blazing Blue Jays Running Club will be limited by the number of available volunteers.  Priority will be given to children of program volunteers.

We need help in the following areas:

  1. Volunteer Coaches – We require a minimum of 2 volunteer coaches per 20 participants.  Coaches will assist the Lead Coordinator in weekly practices in smaller groups.  No running necessary!

    • 75 minutes of time commitment for each practice (2:15 – 3:30pm).

    • Note: PTA will waive the $35 Blazing Blue Jays registration fee for 1 child for each Volunteer Coach if you help with 10 practices.  Volunteer Coach will receive a team t-shirt, and his/hers children will automatically be accepted.

    • Note: If you would would like to be a Volunteer Coach but can only commit to 5 practices, you will receive a team t-shirt, and your children will automatically be accepted.

  2. Parent volunteers for each practice –  We ask that each parent sign up for at least 5 spots during the duration of the program.

    • Two parent volunteer to help set up and check-in – 2:00 – 2:30pm.

    • Four parent volunteers to help monitor running (stand at the corners of the running track to make sure kids don’t run off), hand out nutritional challenges and cleanup – 2:50 – 3:20pm.

    • 6-8 parent volunteers to help with two timed mile days (stand at the corners of the running trackmark laps, yell out times, and record times by student names) – 2:40 – 3:10pm.

    • On the morning run days – Three parent volunteer to help set up, check-in, hand out nutritional challenges and check-out  – 7:20 – 8:00am.

    • On the morning run days – Four parent volunteers to help monitor running (stand at the corners of the running track to make sure kids don’t run off)  and cleanup – 7:20 – 8:00am.

    • Click <here> to sign up!


Rainy Day/Inclement weather:
If it is raining, practice will have to be cancelled.  We are unable to safely hold an indoor practice.  An email will be sent out by noon on the day of practice if we need to cancel due to current weather conditions or forecasts predicting rain during our practice.

ALL Blazing Blue Jays MUST run/jog/walk at least one mile on their own BEFORE the next practice.  If you run/jog/walk one extra mile or more, you can turn in an Extra Mile Form (found on the Running Club Schedule Page) at practice to be entered into the weekly raffle.

All Blazing Blue Jays MUST complete a total of 25.2 miles by Friday May 4, 2018.  Please help your child follow through on their commitment.  If your child would like to exceed the 25.2 mile goal, please encourage them to do so!

Every child is expected to run/jog/walk at least 1 mile on their own for homework before the next practice.

If your child misses a practice, it is his/her responsibility to make up the missed mileage.  It is important for each child to continue to build his/her stamina and endurance to be ready for race day and beyond!

Practice Dates (2:15-3:30pm, unless otherwise indicated):

Fri Jan 26
Fri Feb 2
Fri Feb 16
Fri Feb 23
Fri Mar 2
Fri Mar 9
Thurs Mar 22 (7:30-7:55am before school run)
Thurs Mar 29 (7:30-7:55am before school run)
Fri Apr 13
Fri Apr 20
Fri Apr 27 – KROC Information Meeting? (more info to follow)

More questions?  Email