Cultural Booths

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Festival attendees “travel the world” by visiting different booths and sampling a variety of food: chả giò from Vietnam, samosas from India, and baguette from France.  They may move on to grab a bite of Chinese chow mein, Italian pasta, and Philippine pancit.  A game of Japanese kendama may beckon while they sip a cup of Mexican hot chocolate.  Then on to something sweet or savory that France may offer.  Next, they may choose to put their strength against a taekwondo board by the Korean bbq.  If you are done with being adventurous then, there is always the good old American hot dogs.

Who decides which cultural booths are featured at the festival? You do!
Booths are made possible only if volunteers like you step up.

Make this itinerary possible by volunteering at a booth to be sure your culture is represented at the festival.  Team up with your friends and spotlight your culture by signing up as “booth coordinator”.  Bring food samples, music, flags, maps, games, and souvenirs – anything that can proudly showcase your culture!  Creativity is the key and sharing your culture with everyone is fun and rewarding.  PTA provides the tables, tablecloth, and paper/plastic goods.

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