Brywood Elementary PTA Academic Challenge
ELA Challenge
Due Wed, May 9, 2018

To complete the ELA challenge, read level-appropriate books of your choice and submit a total of 5 book reviews and/or Accelerated Reader logs (for example, you may have 3 book reviews and 2 signed AR entries).  You may use the school’s recommended 20 minutes of reading each day to complete the challenge.  You may NOT use a book you are reading in class or reading for a school book report/project (even if it was last year).  The books you read for this challenge are in addition to those you read and review in school. You must do at least one each trimester.

How to do this challenge:

Step 1: Email to register your name in the program and receive a Book Review Form and Accelerated Reader Log Form.

Step 2: Read your book!

Step 3: Complete your book review form or take the Accelerated Reader Quiz.

Step 4: If you did a book review, please review your work and double-check for spelling and grammatical errors.  If you took an Accelerated Reader Quiz, have your teacher or librarian sign and date your Accelerated Reader Log

Step 5: Do Steps 1-4 five times total.

Step 6: Submit your Reviews and/or Accelerated Reader Log by placing it in the Academic Challenge box in the office or give to your teacher to place forward to the box.  Note – submit your logs as your complete them to ensure you meet the internal deadlines for this challenge.

**IMPORTANT – Internal Deadlines for the ELA Challenge**

At least 1 book review/AR test MUST be submitted EACH trimester in order to be eligible for the Challenge OR early completion of the entire challenge will also be accepted.

For example you may submit 1 book report in the first trimester, 1 in the second, and 3 in the 3rd .  OR you can do 2 in the first trimester and 3 in the second and be completed early and nothing will be due the 3rd trimester.