Brywood Elementary PTA Academic Challenge
Arts Challenge
Due Wed, May 9, 2018

To complete the Arts challenge, participate in the PTA Reflections Art Program.  No alternatives are accepted for this challenge.

How to do this challenge:
Step 1: Email to register your name in the program and receive the Arts Log.  Please indicate that you plan to participate in the PTA Reflections Arts Program.
Step 2: Create your artwork!  This year’s theme: Within Reach
Step 3: Submit your artwork for the PTA Reflections Program. Your artwork MUST be successfully submitted to the Reflections Program in order to qualify for the Arts Challenge.  Please note that the PTA Reflections Program has its own set of rules and submission guidelines and paperwork.  For more questions, please contact
Step 4: Have a parent/guardian sign and date your Arts Participation Log.
Step 5: Submit your Arts Participation Log by placing it in the Academic Challenge box in the office or give to your teacher to place forward to the box.