Brywood Elementary PTA Academic Challenge Program

A voluntary, non-competitive program designed to sharpen skills, participate in school-wide events, and encourage students to challenge themselves over the school year. Challenges must be completed on or before 1:30pm, Wednesday May 9, 2018, no exceptions.

NOTE:  Registration for the Academic Challenge Program is closed (with the exception for new students starting January 2018).

For Grades K-3, there are 5 Challenges: Math, ELA, Arts, Multicultural, and Wellness.

For Grades 4-6, there are 7 Challenges.: Math, ELA, Arts, Multicultural, Wellness, Keyboarding, and Science.

Students can choose to complete any number of the challenges over the course of the year.

Students receive a brag tag for every challenge they complete.

Gr K-3: Complete 4 challenges; earn brag tags and a medal.
Gr K-3: Complete all 5 challenges; they earn brag tags, medal, and the Principal’s Challenge Trophy.
Gr 4-6: Complete 5 challenges; earn brag tags and a medal.
Gr 4-6: Complete all 7 challenges; they earn brag tags, medal, and the Principal’s Challenge Trophy.

The Challenges:
Math Challenge – Eight extra hours of Math Practice (does not include homework)
ELA Challenge – Write Book Reviews and/or take Accelerated Reader Quizzes for a total of 5 different books (does not include books you are reading for class/school projects) Internal deadlines apply. Please see specific challenge for details.
Arts Challenge – Submit a project for the Reflections Arts Contest (deadline Oct 21, 2016)
Multicultural Challenge – sign up to perform at Brywood’s Annual Multicultural Festival or share a craft or food or presentation at one of the cultural booths
Wellness Challenge – 25 hours of physical activity.  If you do a sport, log it; running club; or other physical activity (does not include school P.E. time)
Science Challenge – Submit a project for the Astounding Inventions Competition (stay tuned for Mr. Cady’s announcement of the contest rules and deadlines)
Keyboarding Challenge – Extra 5 hours of typing or coding (does not include homework or computer lab time).


  1. Adults in your life are welcome to encourage you, but make sure they allow you to do the work!   You can do everything on this list to the best of your abilities and it will be exactly what we are looking for!   It will be so fun to earn a trophy and know that you earned it!

  2. All work must be done at the level of proficiency and effort expected for your grade level.   If you are going to take the time to do these challenges, recognize they are challenges and submit your best efforts.

  3. Keep a copy of all the work you plan to turn in!  The work you do is important and we don’t want something misplaced to make you sad.

  4. Awards will be determined based on challenges meeting all rules and deadlines.    Reflections, Astounding Inventions, and the Brywood Multicultural Festival all have specific rules, sign-ups, deadlines, and submission requirements as requested by the organization running that program.   Be sure to follow those rules, requirements, submission guidelines and deadlines!  Do not turn in your projects in the Academic Challenge box, they will not make it to the appropriate offices for these events.  Please submit directly to the programs themselves.

  5. Individual challenge logs must be turned in on or before 1:30pm, Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

  6. Late submissions will not be considered for awards.  Sorry, no exceptions!