Opt Out

Brywood PTA follows IUSD Opt Out policies. 

Brywood Student Directory Opt Out

The Brywood Student Directory provides a communication tool for room parents, parents, staff and students that include:  student name, grade, and teacher.  There is the option to Opt-Out of the Directory in which the following data would be excluded: student street address, parent/guardian name, parent/guardian email.  Your child’s name will still appear in the class listing but no home address and contact information will be listed.  Fill out the form below by October 31.  Expect to receive a confirmation email by November 1 stating that your opt-out was received.  If you don’t receive the confirmation email by then, send an email to directory@brywoodpta.com.

Brywood PTA Website MEDIA Opt Out (Applies to www.BrywoodPTA.org and Brywood PTA Facebook page only)

Brywood PTA follows IUSD Opt Out policies.  Even if you have already selected “Image” Opt Out at the IUSD level, it would help us if you would submit the following Brywood PTA Media Opt Out.

The Brywood PTA website (www.brywoodpta.org) and Facebook page is updated frequently with media files (pictures, videos, newsletter, etc.) from various PTA and school activities.  Media files are featured throughout the website including the photo gallery using web albums, however, no geographic location tags are used and no students names are used/tagged.  If parents/guardians prefer that no pictures and videos of your child(ren) be used on www.brywoodpta.org and the Facebook page,  fill out the form below and attach a picture of your child(ren).

Brywood PTA will contact you to screen media files as appropriate to exclude those matching your child(ren)’s picture from the website and Facebook page.  If you submit this opt-out form yet your child(ren)’s media file escapes the screening process and is inadvertently included on the website and Facebook page, please contact web@brywoodpta.com immediately.  The picture or video will be removed from the website or your child(ren)’s image pixilated.