Board, Committee Chairs, & Open Positions

Our new Executive Board plans on reaching out beyond our usual volunteers.  They see the need for new and more faces to join the ranks of volunteerism which ultimately enhances our children’s elementary school experience.

Please consider volunteering!  Opportunities range from a few hours of your time to many days of your time.  There is a fit for ANY schedule. So . . . be thinking about how you may support our PTA. Our new board members will be looking for you


PTA Executive Board

Nicole Chang

President –

Tammy Ramirez

Executive Vice President –

Rebecca Gomez

Historian – 

Grace Chen

Treasurer –

Manjula Swaminathan

Secretary –

Marah McMillan

VP of Membership –

Kathy Ho

Financial Secretary –

Carol Pizer

VP of Communications –

Cathryn Mah

Auditor –


Parliamentarian – 

Ensure that the PTA follows its by-laws

PTA Committees

Kathy Ho

6th Grade Liason –

Colleen Sherman

ACE – 

Process class registrations for after school enrichment classes; periodic attendance at IPSF ACE meetings and course previews; update ACE software registrations. Arrange to have 1 or 2 adults when students arrive.

Colleen Nguyen

Assemblies – 

Coordinate and schedules school assemblies for throughout the year

Robin Fay

Box Tops –

Coordinate the Box Tops program at Brywood – Publicize, set up collection processes and dates, coordinate the box tops submissions and payments

Howard Lo

Brywood Dads –

Rebecca Gomez / Kathy Ho

Directory –

Coordinate Brywood Directory advertising with businesses and sponsors and work with office on opt-out processes.  Put together Brywood Directory and distribute to PTA members.

Christine Tulley

Disaster Preparedness –

Susan Park

Flyers –

Work with various program coordinators to design flyers and schedule flyer distribution.  Work with IUSD print shop to print out flyers, copy flyers as needed, and distribute flyers to teachers per predetermined Brywood distribution schedule.


Guy Stuff – 

Organize Guy Stuff Night for 6th-grade boys and their fathers/adult mentors

Nicole Chang

Harvest Cup/Football/Hoops/Vollyball –


Hospitality –

Cathryn Mah

IPSF Ambassador – 

Attend IPSF meetings and publicize IPSF news to the PTA and Brywood community

Nicole Chang

Legislative Advocacy –

Lead Brywood in participating in legislative activities to help Irvine Unified School District on the local, state and federal levels.  Attend legislative action meetings and relay information back to PTA and Brywood community.

Charlie Reynolds

Marquee –

Update marquee to reflect upcoming events.

Cindy Lin

Multicultural Festival Chairperson –


Multicultural Festival Silent Auction & Raffles

Coordinate the Silent Auction & Raffles – Contact companies/businesses to request for donation and pick up donation items.  Organize Silent Auction & Raffle list for MCF program.  Monitor and administer Silent Auction & Raffle processes.  Notify Silent Auction & Raffle winners and coordinate prize pickup and payment collection.


Multicultural Festival Parade of Nations

Coordinate the Parade of Nations program – Consolidate Parade of Nations entries, plan/coordinate rehearsal and Parade of Nations program details for day of MCF.


Multicultural Festival Cultural Show

Coordinate the Cultural Show program – Consolidate Cultural Show entries, plan/coordinate rehearsal and Cultural Show program details for day of MCF.


Multicultural Festival – Booths –

Coordinate the Cultural Booths – Coordinate with Cultural Booth leaders, communicate guidelines and address booth requirements, plan/coordinate cultural booths details for day of MCF.


Mother/Daughter Tea –

Organize Mother/Daughter Tea for 5th-grade girls and their mothers/adult mentors

Heather Leon

Picture Day –

Coordinate with school picture/year book company and Brywood to schedule picture day.  Organize volunteers to help with Picture Day activities.

Nicole Chang

Pledge Drive Committee –

Coordinate and schedule Full Pledge Drive activities.  Work with Financial Secretary/Treasurer to get pledge total updates.  Publicize goal, incentives, and schedule.

Desiree Blanco

Red Ribbon Week –

Coordinate Red Ribbon Week activities and publicize.

Deepali Chausalkar

Reflections –

Organize Reflection program at Brywood – Publicize program, set up schedule for submission, coordinated judging of entries at Brywood level and coordinate with IUSD/Fourth District Reflections coordinators for entries moving up.  Coordinate and schedule program participant rewards and distribute entries back to students.

Colleen Nguyen

Room Parents Coordinator –

Set up Room Parent Orientation at the beginning of the school year.  Provide support to Room Parents as needed.  Distribute PTA emails to Room Parents for distribution as needed.

Robin Fay

Shop & Earn –

Publicize and coordinate special activities with various shop and earn businesses (Amazon, Office Max/Office Depot, Ralph….).

Cathryn Mah

Spirit Gear– 

Coordinate the sale and exchanges of Brywood spirit gear, inventory spirit gear, communicate order needs to PTA to keep stock of items.

Colleen Nguyen


Coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week activities with Room Parents Coordinator and publicize.  Organize Teacher Appreciation Lunchon.


Team Kids –

Coordinate with Team Kids organization, Brywood Team Kids representatives, and Brywood teachers to provide support at Team Kids meetings and Team Kids Carnival.  Publicize Team Kids challenges and schedule/details.  Organize Team Kids Carnival ticket sale and volunteers for carnival.

Carol Pizer


Coordinate Brywood App setup/notifications and Brywood PTA email set up.

Tammy Ramirez

Veteran’s Day Flag Deck

Coordinate Veteran’s Day Flag Deck activities including distributing Wall of Honor submission sheets to teachers, scouts flag ceremony, inviting veterans/active service members w reception after flag deck.

Desiree Blanco

Walk-to-School Day – 

Coordinate Walk To School event with Northwood Elementary, Northwood Community Center, Irvine Police, and Red Ribbon Week Coordinator.  Publicize and coordinate event details.  Organize volunteers for event as needed.

Kathy Ho

Web Administration –

Update Brywood PTA website and Facebook page for upcoming events; maintain Brywood PTA calendar.  Work with various program coordinators to update program pages/posts and schedule online submissions.  Coordinate online purchase/donation entries with Financial Secretary/Treasurer.  Annual refresh/archive during the summer.

John Remar

Year Book –

Work with class photographers in each class to collect pictures for year book.  Work with year book company to design contents of yearbook.  Take/collect pictures for major school events.  Organize yearbook sale, yearbook cover contest, and distribution processes.