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2017-18 Brywood 6th Grade Activities

Questions and Answers

What are the 6th Grade Activities?  There are many activities planned for 6th graders to make the students’ last year at Brywood fun and memorable.  The list is shown below.

Does PTA pay for the cost and provide volunteers?  The 6th grade activities are SEPARATE from PTA.  These activities are for 6th graders only; therefore, the fundraising and volunteering must be done by our 6th graders and their families.

Why is it necessary to raise funds and volunteer for these activities?  There are costs to making these activities possible.  A goal of the 6th Grade Activities Coordinators and committees is for every Brywood 6th grader to have the opportunity to participate in all the fun activities.  No activity should be out of reach to a child due to cost.

The Pancake Breakfast, Carnival, and Used Books Sale empowers each student to raise funds towards his/her own Outdoor Education camp fees.  The extra income generated from cash sales on September 23rd goes into the general 6th-grade activities account.  During the year, this account builds up through fundraising efforts such as after school treats from Yogurtland and Jamba Juice, sales from 6th Grade apparel, and spring fundraisers.  This account pays for the year-end activities (DARE Graduation, End of Year Fun Trip, Promotion DJ Party, and Promotion Ceremony).  If the funds raised come up short, we have two options: hold another fundraising event or ask families for additional donation.

We understand that parents work hard for their money and spare time is limited.   Please know that we strive to be good stewards of the funds and your time.  We are committed to keeping expenses down to a minimum and asking for volunteers only when absolutely necessary.  The volunteer sign ups have been broken down into smaller committees to spread the volunteer work load.  Student & parent teams are asked to help at one or more events by contacting the coordinators.    We hope that these activities not only provide fun events for the kids but also build a close-knit community of students, parents, and staff.

Why do we have to make a donation towards the Pancake Breakfast supplies and Carnival rental?  In the past, proceeds from the books sale paid for the breakfast supplies.  This year, to help students sell more tickets, we are allowing tickets to be used for books sale (no cash change back).  Though the committee members worked hard to get donations from businesses, we still need your help in completing our supplies list.

When will 6th graders start selling Pancake Breakfast, Carnival and Used Books Sale tickets?  Friday, September 8.

In prior years, sausages were served as a Pancake Breakfast side dish.  Will an alternate item be offered for those who cannot have sausages?  Bananas will be available in lieu of sausages, while supply of bananas last.  Come to breakfast early before they run out.

Will there be vegetarian options available for Pancakes?  Yes, this year we are planning to introduce “Dosa” an Indian Pancake version for vegetarians.

What are the 6th Grade Activities?

  • Pancake Breakfast / Used Book Sale / Carnival
    • Manjula Swaminathan (Volunteer Coordinator) will post volunteer shift sign-ups on-line. Parent & Student teams are asked to sign up together for at least one shift.
    • Pancake Breakfast (Jennie Kim, Manjula Swaminathan & Carmen Montoya)
      • 100% of the money from tickets a student sells goes directly into that student’s personal Outdoor Education account.
      • Students are encouraged to take “pre-orders” from families and friends before receiving tickets.
      • (Sponsorship Committee) got businesses to sponsor/donate some supplies to offset the pancake breakfast expenses.
    • Used Books Sale (TBD)
      • To help students sell more tickets, the books sale will accept tickets in addition to cash payment.
      • Cash proceeds from books sale pay for Pancake Breakfast supplies.
    • Carnival (TBD)
      • Booths include Milk Bottle Toss, Dice Roll, Tic Tac Toe, Face Painting and much more.
  • Sweatshirts and T-shirts (Kelly Le) Sweatshirts cost ($32) and t-shirts costs (TBD).
  • Panoramic Photo (TBD) Panoramic photo and merchandise may be purchased.
  • Outdoor Education (TBD)
    • Cost of Outdoor Ed camp per student is about $295.
    • The more pancake breakfast tickets a student sells, the less that student has to pay for camp.
  • Yearbook Baby Photo (Manjula Swaminathan)
    • Start looking for a baby picture of your 6th grader to be used for the yearbook. E-mail picture in jpg or png format to Manjula Swaminathan, at 6thGradeBabyPic@brywoodpta.com by November 30.
  • Spring Pictures
    • Schedule school pictures with Cantrell Photography in the spring.
  • D.A.R.E. Graduation (TBD)
    • Parents are invited to attend ceremony where students make individual statements and pledge to stay drug-free. Refreshments provided after the ceremony.
  • Sixth Grade Field Trip (TBD)
    • All day FUN field trip (TBD) which takes place on 6/4/18.
  • Promotion DJ Party (TBD)
    • 6/5/18. DJ party with food, games and music.  DJ gets kids involved with games and activities as a group.
  • Promotion Ceremony & Reception (TBD)
    • 6/8/18, from 10:00 to noon. Students walk across stage and receive diplomas.  Select students make speeches.  A reception follows ceremony.